Camp Greensky is partnering with Trees, Water & People to offset your festival CO2 footprint, including the emissions required to get you here, plus a share of the festival footprint itself.  A carbon offset is a voluntary donation to Trees, Water & People that helps fund tree planting and clean cookstove construction in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

Trees sequester CO2 as they grow, and our efficient cookstoves reduce the amount of firewood burned by a Central American family for cooking - reducing emissions into the atmosphere.

When you fund this work, you offset a portion of our impact on the planet.


But that’s not all. Beyond the offset, Trees, Water & People’s work improves quality of life for rural and indigenous families in Central America, leading to:           

  • Fruit tree propagation - diversified income and healthy diets

  • Land restoration - slowed erosion; increased shade canopy and biodiversity

  • Reduction of smoke in the household by over 75% - improved family health

  • Cutting woodfuel use in half - saving money and hours spent collecting firewood

  • New jobs and increased climate resilience for indigenous communities

Offset your Camp Greensky emissions - or all your music travel - with Trees, Water & People.

Use the map below to determine your approximate offset for distance travelled and festival emissions.  Thank you for supporting this important work and greening your festival experience!